Fangig: The Ticket Hub

DEV Lab. - Case Study



We’re honored! SI3D Media had the opportunity to partner with Fangig LLC for the full-stack development & consulting of Our objectives were to jumpstart and execute planning, design and development of a white-label ticketing platform. Fangig was built with a friendly UX/UI innovative design and a smooth back-end with API capabilities structure, made for millennials and producers looking for reliable redemption POS software.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.04.55 PM.png


This amazing adventure turned into a BIG empire! A journey that continues with the SI3D Media team, working “day by day” for the best implementations and ongoing development. This platform has achieved all expectations and it’s projected to increase ticket sales by 4,000%. Maintenance at all times keeps the platform updated and tasks given to achieve graphic designs and content inside the platform for social media strategies. We’re on it!

fangig mobile.png