Lente Viral

DEV Lab - Case Study



SI3D Media designed from scratch Lente Viral brand identity, brand guidelines and to develop creative marketing strategies as a media news digital platform. SI3D Media was responsible of all sections defined for the implementation of a full-stack development and consulting of all phases of Lente Viral. Also, we had to deliver a smooth back-end with API capabilities. Our objectives were to jumpstart and execute planning, design, and development with a friendly and innovative UX/UI to maximize video content by changing the way we see news.



We delivered all the needs...This project was executed and launched to provide a new alternative for people to stay in touch with the news without having to go through extensive reading. It’s all about video content, and an easy friendly UX/UI platform. Today, Lente Viral is one of the most innovative news platform in Puerto Rico that delivers video content everyday to around 600,000 + users.